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Landlord Information and Property Maintenance

What we can do for you

We at Robinson Property Rentals are experienced in the renting of properties in the Deepings and surrounding area and are looking to increase our number of landlords who have well maintained properties to rent.

Whether it’s a single property or a number of properties you have to rent, you can be assured of the same high, professional service that we have offered our existing landlords over the years.

We offer a complete service from finding a suitable tenant, right through to managing the contract from the outset and up until the end of the tenancy or we can tailor make a service just for you.  For a full list of the services we can offer you please see below.

We will guarantee that our landlords receive their payments on time according to the agreed terms of the landlord agreement.

We have been in the construction industry for over 65 years and where possible we use our directly employed skilled staff for any maintenance and repairs that may be needed from time to time, however we believe it is good practice to carry out an annual maintenance inspection of the property to ensure that any future problem is identified and remedial work can be arranged with your agreement. 

We fully believe that prevention is better than a potentially costly breakdown and, in our experience, this, at most times, can be more economical to you over the year.   
When and if needed, we also employ selected contractors who we personally vet to ensure our high standards are adhered to and, because of our experience and full knowledge of the building industry, we know what is a reasonable charge for any job. This ensures that you will not be overcharged for the work. We are also happy to use any nominated contractor that you specify and apply the same controls to them
Please contact us for more details as to what we can offer you to ensure trouble free property investment income.  

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